Vintages and Tasting Notes

2023 Vintage and Tasting Notes

The 2023 vintage saw a very wet and cool summer. Disease pressure was extremely high. With careful maintenance we managed to avoid some of the impacts of disease. Parts of the vineyards ended up very waterlogged and drainage had to be dug in the worse areas. The cooler weather made for a late vintage and the yields were affected by all the rain with low yields for 2023. The fruit quality remained up to our high standards with excellent flavoursome grapes produced.

2022 Vintage and Tasting Notes

The 2022 vintage was a wet and cool one, la Niña. Consistent rain throughout the season saw the vines with prolific growth after quite a few drier years. Thankfully the rain lightened off closer to harvest which meant with carefully management of the vines and grapes, we remained relatively disease free with a good crop. The fruit was flavoursome and great quality with a fair yield.

2021 Vintage and Tasting Notes

The 2021 vintage saw good rains compared to previous years,  average amount of winter rain which continued into the start of the grow season before stopping for a more mild, yet favourable temperature summer. There were a few cold snaps during flowering which have impacted the early varieties yields, however the fruit quality was excellent and the year produced good sized flavoursome grapes.

2020 Vintage and Tasting Notes 

The 2020 vintage was dry and hot. Yields were lower than normal due to the conditions and the vines surprisingly handled it fairly well. We had received some much needed rain in Spring which may have helped them through. With careful management, the fruit we did produce was looking good, we had a couple of days of smoke lingering due to the 2020 bushfires. We made the decision to continue with the harvest and adopt some of the different methods trialed and researched for such conditions. Light pressings meant very small quantities were produced this year under our Inkerman Road label. Wines were tested and free smoke compounds are minimal however there are some bound compounds present.

2019 Vintage and Tasting Notes

The 2019 vintage was preceded by a drier winter and spring until drenching rains in December provided good soil moisture for ripening. Fruit was flavoursome and good quality with overall average yield and bunch sizes.

2018 Vintage and Tasting Notes

The 2018 vintage was a bit warmer than the previous year with good spring rains in November and December and cool until the beginning of January. These conditions enabled the vines to flourish when the hotter weather arrived late January/ early February. The fruit came in clean and full of flavour and the wines of this vintage are looking to be excellent quality.

2017 Vintage and Tasting Notes

2017 Vintage was preceded by a wet winter and a cool spring. It continued to be cooler throughout January and February with ample rain in January and dry February and March. Vintage was later than recent years and more on par with vintages from the 1990’s. This produced quality, cooler vintage characteristics in the fruit.

2016 Vintage and Tasting Notes

The 2016 Vintage started out with a dry spring but it was anything but dry in January. Good consistent rain meant being on top of disease but it managed to dry out and produce a nice ripening period. Fruit quality was excellent with no disease.

2015 Vintage and Tasting Notes

The 2015 Vintage was an interesting one. Bud burst was at the average time with not too many frosts, summer was mild with cool nights so the vines just kept on moving forward resulting in a slightly earlier vintage than normal but the fruit quality was excellent.

2014 Vintage and Tasting Notes

The 2014 Vintage was marred by spring frost which kept our frost fan busy, consequently we managed to get  good quantity and quality of fruit from this year. The rains were plentiful in spring so the vines progressed normally in summer and then we went on to have the cooler nights over ripening for which we are well known for.

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