Past Vintages

2016 Vintage

The 2016 Vintage started out with a dry spring but it was anything but dry in January. Good consistent rain meant being on top of disease but it managed to dry out and produce a nice ripening period. Fruit quality was excellent with no disease.


2015 Vintage

The 2015 Vintage was an interesting one. Bud burst was at the average time with not too many frosts, summer was mild with cool nights so the vines just kept on moving forward resulting in a slightly earlier vintage than normal but the fruit quality was excellent.

2014 Vintage

The 2014 Vintage was marred by spring frost which kept our frost fan busy, consequently we managed to get  good quantity and quality of fruit from this year. The rains were plentiful in spring so the vines progressed normally in summer and then we went on to have the cooler nights over ripening for which we are well known for.

2013 Vintage

The 2013 Vintage was a warm dry one. Again a week of hot weather in January saw the vines shut down and not progress. The vintage went on to be slightly earlier than usual. The fruit looked good with no sign of botrytis.

2012 Vintage

The 2012 Vintage was marginally better than 2011. It was still wet and cool but the fruit ripened well albeit later without too much disease. We went on to lose only 10% whites of this year. The wines from this year have been likened to some of their french equivalents. 

2011 Vintage

The 2011 vintage was a challenge. The rain came and stayed. Our Copper and Sulpher regime had to be very strict and adhered to. Our pickers are to be commended for picking the best of the fruit left. Overall we were very lucky losing only 30% of the whites and 10% of the reds. The fruit that we did save managed to ripen and went on to produce wines of interesting characters.

2010 Vintage

The 2010 vintage was a good one with a great growing season and much cooler conditions than previous years. There was a little bit too much rain near vintage which slightly marred an excellent year. The fruit that was picked was of excellent quality.

2009 Vintage

The 2009 Vintage started out being average until early February where the temperature soared for over a week. Luckily the fruit was barely through veraison so by watering constantly that week, we managed to keep the fruit in tact. After this the temperature returned to normal with cool nights. We then went on to pick at the normal time with good quality fruit.

2008 Vintage

The 2008 vintage was an interesting one with it being overall warm and dry. The fruit ripened quickly with each variety following on to the next and with no break in harvesting for 2 weeks. Although the wines from this year may show less varietal characters than usual they still are complex well balanced wines.

2007 Vintage

The vintage in Beechworth was non existant for 2007. A very late arctic frost in November wiped out what fruit was remaining. The drought and bushfires did not help. We managed to source some very good fruit from Tumbarumba to produce only a Sauvignon Blanc and a Shiraz from this vintage.

2006 Vintage

The 2006 Vintage was set up with appropriate rain in the growing season then a warm dry period early in the new year. February was a bit cooler which assured the vintage occurred at the usual time in March. There was no rain to interfere with the picking season. The fruit went on to be of very good quality.

2005 Vintage

The 2005 vintage was very good. The growing season was a comfortable one with good weather at flowering. Rain in December and February meant the yield was good and ripening occurred easily, The fruit quality was exceptional for this year.

2004 Vintage

The 2004 vintage had average temperatures. The rainfall in January was a bit higher than usual so because of the humidity we had to be on the lookout for disease. Fortunately February stayed warm and dry so the fruit went on to achieve desired ripeness and flavours.

2003 Vintage

The 2003 Vintage was a difficult hot year and very dry. Consequently the quantity was down. The good thing was the fruit ripened quickly and easily and it was a quick vintage with no threat of rain or disease. The wines from this year produced an interesting mix of varying degrees of quality.

2002 Vintage

This was a warm and dry year with a hailstorm during ripening. Luckily this didn’t drastically reduce the quantity but it did make pruning the next season a challenge. The dryness contibuted to smaller berries and a reduced quantity of juice. This makes the wines of this year very full flavoured but not a huge quantity.

2001 Vintage

This was a warm year with it looking like being an early vintage until we had a week long hot spell and the vines seem to shut down. This deferred vintage to being that of an average year. It was an average year for quantity and the full flavoured wines of this year are predicted to be good keeping wines.

2000 Vintage

This was a cooler vintage compared to the surrounding ones. We had rain on average of once a week so it was a fairly easy vintage providing your disease regime was up to date. The wines of this vintage may display some of those cooler year characters.

1999 Vintage

The growing season produced a very severe frost which caused low crop levels. The vintage was warm and dry and therefore combined with the low crop levels the fruit achieved ripeness easily. The wines of this year show plenty of varietal characters.